Eastern Cape Nest #2!

Eastern Cape Nest #2!

The vehicle breaking down on day one annoyed us; the first nest being inactive on day two was disappointing; so the anticipation for day three was almost tangible!

Getting to this second nest was more tricky, however, as it required not only a 4×4 access , but also the four-legged skills of the equine variety.

Once again the Birkhall team had our backs, and after piling us into the back of biggest bakkie we’ve ever seen, we were shipped up the mountain to meet our next ride.

After rounding up and saddling the horses, we set out following the beautiful river meander! The valley walls were steep and tall, towering hundreds of metres above us and there was a chilly winter wind blowing from downstream.
But the sun was out, and with very few clouds in the sky, it was another beautiful winters day up in the mountains!
This is the terrain that Bearded Vultures call their home, and to get to the harvest site, we need to enter into their realm.

As we followed the trail along the bottom of the gorge, the anticipation built, until finally we climbed the last meander and looked across to the nest…

But NOTHING! No birds, and empty nest, and AGAIN a lot of disappointment for the team! Our Birkhall guide Basie and #Bred4theWild project manager Shannon made their way an extra 15 minutes up the gorge to try get a better angle on the nest, but to no avail.

This was our final E.C. option and the long drive back empty-handed felt even longer.