Event: Admission Case No 66/12:Spotted Eagle Owl



 Juvenile Spotted Eagle Owl admitted with a broken leg and dislocated hip.

Rescuer and location: Louise Van der Wath brought this bird in from Durban

The story: This bird was picked up since it is young and was not able to stand. It was brought in to Raptor Rescue and taken to the vet where x-rays revealed it had a broken leg. The leg was pinned. It was also unable to use the other leg, which although not broken, was dislocated at the hip.

Treatment: The bird was given fluids, Meloxicam painkiller and Baytril anti-biotics. It is also being tube fed since it cannot eat on its own.

Prognosis/outcomes: The bird is still being treated. Sadly there seems to be some nerve damage too, and further monitoring is needed before an eventual outcome can be decided on.