Event: Case no. 63/12: Spotted Eagle Owl admission

Case no. 63/12: Spotted Eagle Owl admission

Spotted Eagle Owl chicks- Orphaned, but thriving.


Rescuer and location of rescue: These chicks were admitted by Gilbert Hillermann in Wartburg.

The story: These chicks were very young and believed to have fallen out of their nest when they were found on the nest by local children. They were not able to be put returned so they were brought in to Raptor Rescue to be raised.

Treatment: The chicks had no injuries and are in good health and are eating and growing well. They are being fed a section of day of chicken, rats and mice. This buffet is supplemented with a sprinkling of vitamin/mineral/calcium mix.

Prognosis/outcomes: The chicks will be released back onto the farm once they are fully grown and the rain has abated!