Event: Case no. 64-1/12: Fish Eagle rescue

Case no. 64-1/12: Fish Eagle rescue

An Adult Fish Eagle was admitted

Condition: showing general Infection, wing trauma and nervous system disruption.

Rescuer and location of rescue: This bird was brought in by Lars Wikstrom from his farm in Tala Valley.

The story: Farm laborers alerted Lars to the fact that there was a Fish Eagle lying on the ground near the pump house on the farm. He caught the bird and brought it in to Raptor Rescue. Lars was concerned that it could be poisoned or that it hit an electric fence.

Treatment: It was taken to the vet where blood tests showed it had an elevated white blood cell count – a sign of infection. It also had labored breathing and was in a very weak condition. X-rays taken revealed no broken bones, but the one wing is dropped – a sign of trauma, possibly to soft tissue or ligament.The bird was given fluids, Baytril anti-biotics and Meloxicam  painkiller. It was also nebulised, which improved the breathing. It was not eating on its own and had to be tube fed for several days.

Prognosis/outcomes: The bird is still in the clinic. Unfortunately it is showing signs of nervous system damage and further monitoring needs to be done before an outcome can be decided on.