Event: Spotted Eagle Owl Rescue

Spotted Eagle Owl Rescue

Wet Spotted Eagle Owl Chick

Rescuer and Location of Rescue: Dean Boswell reported that this bird was seen sitting at the Natal Lion Park refuse dump.

Story: This young owl was seen on the ground, wet and struggling to fly. Ben went to investigate and picked up the bird which was very weak and thin, but otherwise in good health. With three days of continuous rain it is very likely that this young bird has just run out of food and energy. It is young enough that its parents are still supplementary feeding it – obviously with little success.

Treatment: A general examination at the Raptor Rescue Hospital revealed no trauma damage. Fluids and Baytril anti-biotics were administered and the bird was crop fed till it started eating on its own.

Prognosis/Outcomes:After being fed fed lots of food, the bird has recovered and picked up condition. It is in the owl flight tunnel getting fit pending its release when the weather clears up.