Visitor Information

The birds that we see in the enclosures – are they going to be released?

No. The raptors in the enclosures on public view are what is termed ‘non-releaseable rehabilitation birds’ and are birds that have permanent injuries that prevent them from being able to survive in the wild. But, we can learn from their stories. Any injured, sick or orphaned bird of prey that comes in to Raptor Rescue is housed in the hospital which is off public display to ensure that that bird has the best chance of being returned to the wild.

I’d like to see a show. Do I need to book?

Booking is advisable for groups of 20 people or more; especially if you are wanting to eat at the restaurant. The African Bird of Prey Sanctuary staff will always try to cater for the specific needs of your party, so book ahead of time to facilitate this and to ensure that there are enough arena seats at show time. Walk-in guest are always welcome you may wish to phone before you leave home to check on the weather.

Are we allowed to bring our own food to the Sanctuary?

The onsite Kestrel café provides simple fare, but guests are welcome to bring their own meal or picnic. Alcohol is not served on site, but hot and cold liquid refreshments are available in the café and cool-drinks in cans to take with you as you wander around the bird enclosures.  While picnickers are welcome to use the outside café tables for their meal, it is obviously requested please that on public holidays, when the Sanctuary gets busy, that the paying café customers be given priority to the table facilities.