Those who “DARE TO CARE”

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those companies and individuals who support the Sanctuary and its projects in a multitude of ways. 

The National Lotteries Distribution Fund                  R 2 000 000 Grant
The Peters Family Trust                2 x 10 000L Water Tanks
Andreas Stihl PTY LTD                  2 x Brush-cutters

Roger Grafton           Sanctuary Set Up
The Boast Family          Arena and Clinic Earthworks
Isolde Mellet                   Raptor Rescue Hospital
Brian Boswell                        Raptor Rescue
Camelot Conservancy            Raptor Rescue 
Guy McGladdery                         Enclosure Slats
Taueber Management Trust          Annual support for Raptor Rescue
WESSA / Andreas Stihl                  Brush-cutters and chainsaw
Hi-Pro and  Patricia Stutzer           Sanctuary Signage
Aden Gower                                  Website Design
John Jorgensen                                   Project Proposal Presentation
Mr Battery – The Battery Man, PMB                 Transmitter Batteries
Pick ‘n Pay Foundation                            Sanctuary Donation
The Meade Family                          Recovery Enclosures & Hexagonal Enclosure
Old Mutual Staff Fund                       Pre-Release Owl Tunnel
Jack Crutchley                                             Sanctuary Donations
Falcon Agricultural Equipment               Grass Slasher 
Mark Bestel                             For fishing for our pisciborus species
Orlando & Moira Pereira               POSINFO Point of Sale system
Natal Forest Products                   CCA treated poles
Sue Phipson                            Monthly donation
Michele Larkin                 Donation in memory of Conor
Silveray                             Donation of Clipboards
Tire World Exports              The primary sponsor of the Anfield Flight Tunnel
Tiger Wheel and Tyre             The Anfield Flight Tunnel
Alan and Surina Knott-Craig         Donations
Mrs Patricia G. Leigh                                Bequest
Kippie and Ingie Bryden, Kokstad              Sanctuary Donation
Treated Timber Products                                 CCA poles for the Bearded Vulture enclosure
Sandy Wingfield-Turner & Ass                      Donation
Dee Leeney                                                Monthly donation

Big Eye Branding                                 Umbrellas, Flying Banners, Roll-Up Banners

ScreenFast                                              Road-side Billboard

Wild Exposure                        Bearded Vulture Cliff Rockwork

Hendok                             Bearded Vulture Enclosure Wire

SharpMetal Pressings                                   Bearded Vulture Enclosure

John Richardson and all those who donated in his memory 
Thank you to all those who donated in memory of Alf van Tilburg and his love for birds



Mega-Raptor Supporters______________________________________________

Morgan Govender         Neptune the Fish Eagle

Dr A. de Vlieg         Pisces the Pels Fishing Owl

Jeff Everson          Leo the Bateleur Eagle

Dick King Lab Supplies         Elmer Fudd the Cape Vulture

Moisson Instrumentation         Vinny the White Backed Vulture

DHL Supply Chain         Sheba the Martial Eagle

Rodger and Wendy Colley         Thor the Crowned Eagle

Rockjumper Tours         Capone Verraeux Eagle

Mandy Testa      Opelia the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl

Surina Knott-Craig         Latro the Tawny Eagle

Alan Knott-Craig         Strata the Tawny Eagle

Carina & Michelle          Bearded Vulture

Charlotte Warren & Pam van Biljoen      Tulula White-headed Vulture

Offshore Software Solutions          Bearded Vulture

Birdlife Port-Natal          Stix the Secretary Bird

Medium Raptor Supporters____________________________________________

The Schauerte Family         Chicken the Lanner Falcon

The McConnachie Family         Jellybean African Harrier Hawk

Dee Leeney        Bart and YBK Yellow-billed Kites

Falcon Agricultural Equipment         Solo the Lanner Falcon

Michelle and Kelvin Heyes           Oscar Wol the Wood Owl

Don Slatter         Roxy the Goshawk & Co the Wood Owl

Callum Smythe          Jellybean the African Harrier Hawk

Austen Smith Attorneys          Rumpole the Hooded Vulture

Ursula Schauerte          Dube the Grass Owl

Kaelin & Tyrhin Wakeford          Aragon Long Crested Eagle

Mini Raptor Supporters________________________________________________

The McDonald Family          The Pearl-spotted Owlets

Debbie Sykes         OB the Black-shouldered Kite

Byron Thurtell and Cayleigh Schoeman         Lulu the Pygmy Falcon

Toni Baptista-Gray         Merlyn the Burrowing Owl

Azusa Pacific University          Cinnamon  the Barn Owl

Richard Scott          the Taita Falcons

Jacque Gray         Arwyn the Burrowing Owl

Keryn Thompson          Insomnia Barn Owl

Dr Douglas Hacking               Peewee Pygmy Falcon