Can the raptors breed in captivity?

Yes, the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary has bred 13 species in captivity both on and off display. It is important that the parent birds raise their own chicks to ensure that they ‘know that they are birds’ and could be returned to the wild.

Is the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary government supported?

The African Bird of Prey Sanctuary is supported by both provincial and national government in terms of our protected species operating licences which are issued from their respective conservation authorities. No financial support is, however, received from the government. The Sanctuary is privately funded and all revenue generated from the Sanctuary operations go towards the upkeep of the birds. So many people have pooled their resources and contributed to the continuity of the Sanctuary operations. We are truly blessed. Please see the supporters list for more details or refer to Dare to Care page if you would like to be part of this team.