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The Feathered Friends Sponsorship Initiative 2024

In the wild young birds of prey experience up to 70% mortality in their first year. Human activities almost always influence these wild populations in a negative way, putting even more pressure on the birds that survived in the first place.

Many of the raptors housed here at the African Raptor Centre have suffered injury because of human activities such as the unwise use of poisons, aerial utility-line collisions and electrocutions, firearm persecution, road accidents and illegal trade for traditional medicine use. These raptors can no longer survive in the wild due to the permanent nature of their injuries and will live out their lives here as ambassadors for their species. For some of the larger birds, this may be for as long as 40 years. As their custodians it is our responsibility to provide them with shelter, food and environmental enrichment to make them as comfortable as possible for the rest of their days.
It is our hope that through their stories, people will come to know, understand and care more about the amazing diversity of raptors that live in South African skies.

Lending a helping hand

Our skills, time and expertise are often severely hindered by insufficient funds required to carry out this task. You, your company or your school may be in a position to assist! If any of the raptors living at the sanctuary have touched your heart, then you can contribute to their upkeep with an annual sponsorship support.

What you receive in return

  • A Feathered Friends card permitting FREE ENTRY for two people to visit the African Raptor Centre** (not-transferable, valid for one year).
  • A personalised certificate and fact sheet of your chosen bird.
  • An engraved African Raptor Centre keyring.
  • Website recognition (for one year).
  • The knowledge that you have made a difference in the life of a fellow creature.

**Please note that entry into Tala Collection Game Reserve is not covered, this fee is the responsibility of the visitor.

Support Categories

Mega Raptors R 5 500.00/ year
(Eagles, Vultures, Large Owls & Secretary Birds)

Medium Raptors R 4 500.00 / year
(Falcons, YBK’s, Harriers, Medium Owls, etc.)

Mini Raptors R 3 000. 00 / year
(Owlets, Kestrels, BSK’s, Pygmy Falcons)

Sanctuary Banking Details:    

Bank:   Nedbank

Branch Code:   198765

Account Name:   African Raptor Centre (Pty) Ltd

Current Account No:   1279177594

       SWIFT Code:   NEDSZAJJ

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