Kids Stuff

A Fun Fact!

The Pearl-spotted Owlet is called the “Witkoluil” in Afrikaans and “iNkovana” in Zulu.These little owls are often out and about during the day and  have a ‘false face’ pattern on the back of their heads to try and confused potential predators. These two black ‘eye-spots’ give the impression that the owl is always looking at you!

Vultures have a really important job. They are the clean-up crew and because they eat dead things they help stop the spread of disease and make the world less stinky. People think that because vultures get dirty when they scavenge that they are dirty birds. This is  not true, because in fact they bath after every meal.  Do you bath after every meal?  Ask your parents to bring you at lunch-time on the weekend to come and see the vultures gobble and squabble during their feeding sessions.